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What is the ETA-MAX project ?

@The Eta-max Project is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of refrigerator systems. The Eta-max team has developed one improved refrigerator system that increases efficiency and the coefficient of performance (COP) while maintaining the quality of the frozen products. This is achieved by monitoring the system and local environmental conditions, determining (in real time) the ideal pressures and temperatures required for maximum efficient freezing and then controlling these conditions. This allows the Eta-max refrigeration system (emRS) to reduce energy requirements by up to 50% and to increase freezing capacity up to 30% resulting in a more economical and environmentally friendly system. The project team at Nakayama Engineering has also established alliances with research institutes and Japanese governmental agencies to facilitate the application of this technology to transportation and distribution systems in order to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"Contributing global evironment and resource protection through offering a totally new refrigeration system to all over the world." This is the desire of Nakayama Engineering . and its supporting partners.

Towards a refrigerator maker

We need capacity table of a refrigerator. According to condensation temperature and evaporation temperature, please show ability list of the value that condensation temperature is low. Condensation temperature every 5 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius. Please display liquid temperature. Please display consumption electricity. Anyone who uses this in max Refrigeration System selection and analysis software which we developed can register itself as a choice model when I have you show this capacity table. Please display it by an SI unit and a normal unit of your country.

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